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Breed Rescue
Before you decide on a breeder and reserve your puppy... consider a Belgian Shepherd rescue or rehome. These are adult dogs or older pups who, for various reasons, need to find a new and loving home. Find out more by visiting the pages below.

Rescue and Rehome Lists - all varieties
Belgian Rescue and Rehomes
- Karen Perdue's page. All Belgians

Belgian Rescue - at All Belgians, from the Belg-L rescue and rehome listing.
BSCA Belgian Sheepdog Rescue - Groenendael
Southern California Belgian Rescue - Kim Buchanan's page; all Belgians
AMBC Rescue Page - Malinois
Von Christel Malinois Rescue

Belgian Malinois Rescue Links
- Including the Rescue Hall of Fame picture gallery!

Breed Clubs
US and Canadian clubs for the breeds/varieties. Breed information, specialty show info. Most national breed clubs maintain breeder referral lists.

National Clubs
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America (AKC)
Belgian Tervuren Club of America (AKC)
American Belgian Malinois Club  (AKC)

American Belgian Laekenois Association
United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association (UKC) - all varieties
Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada
- all varieties

Regional Clubs
Downeaster Belgian Sheepdog Club - Northeast and New England US
Raritan Belgian Sheepdog Club - New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York

Northwest Belgian Sheepdog Club - Northwest US
Berkshire Belgian Tervuren Club - Northeast and New England US 
Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers - Northern California
Lone Star Belgian Tervuren Club
- Texas
Four Seasons Belgian Shepherd Dog Club
(UKC) - Michigan

Health Issues
Belgians tend to be very healthy and robust in general. There are some inherited disorders that a would-be Belgian owner will want to research. Hip dysplasia is uncommon but may be on the rise. Eye disease is somewhat more common. Your breeder should be able to provide documentation that their breeding stock has no apparent inherited defects. Incidence of epilepsy is difficult to determine. It seems to vary according to variety and lines, although it is doubtful that any lines have had zero incidence. Anesthesia sensitivity is a real concern for any Belgian, as Belgians tend to carry little body fat, and can be overdosed, particularly with certain drugs. Below are links to pages concerning these issues and others that can affect any dog, regardless of breed.

Eye Disease
CERF Database

OFA Database
- look up hip ratings on individual dogs
Idiopathic Epilepsy in the Belgian Tervuren Epilepsy in Canines
Canine Epilepsy Network
Canine Epilepsy
An Anesthetic Primer for the Belgian Owner - by Libbye Miller DVM
Veterinary Notes for the Belgian Breeds - a printable PDF file you can take to your vet on specific anesthesia sensitivities in Belgians. By Libbye Miller DVM
Anesthesia Sensitivity in Belgians - read this before you put your Belgian under
The Immune System and Disease Resistance
- by W Jean Dodds, DVM
Thyroid Disease - by Jean Dodds, DVM
Canine Diversity Project
- Inbreeding vs assortative mating; genetic health for dogs
Bloat - emergency treatment protocol

Standards for the Belgian Shepherd

AKC standard - Belgian Sheepdog
AKC standard
- Belgian Tervuren
AKC standard - Belgian Malinois
UKC standard
- all varieties
FCI (Belgian) standard - all varieties
Canadian (CKC) Standard - all varieties

Pedigree Research

Belgian Sheepdog Pedigree Database - courtesy Claire de Lune Belgians
Belgian Tervuren Pedigree Search - Kristina Pattison's site
Belgian Shepherd Pedigrees
- European pedigrees; courtesy Svein Mobaek

Belgian Shepherd History
Finding out more about the origin and original purpose of the Belgian Shepherd will help you understand the dog of today. Always remember that the Belgian is first and foremost a FUNCTIONAL breed.

A History of The Belgian Shepherd Dogs - by Mara Lee Jiles
Belgian Breed History - includes the first breed standard  
Belgian History - in Danish. Some very cool photos of early Belgian Shepherds
Dogs From The Past
- some very nice Tervuren photos from the 50's onward, from Sanroyale Legendary Malinois - has great old photos of the varieties
Dogs of The Past
- nice photos of some influential Belgians, from the Cadre Noir page
First Continental Herding Trial - account of the 1892 trial sponsored by the Belgian Shepherd and Collie clubs, Belgium
Belgian Shepherd History

Character and Temperament
Those who are smitten with the Belgian Shepherd cannot imagine life without these intelligent, sensitive, impetuous dogs. But they are certainly not a breed that everyone will enjoy living with. Before you commit to 12 to 16 years of being owned by a Belgian, do your research and be sure of your choice. The following articles will help get you started.

The Belgian Sheep-herding Dogs - from the Dog Owner's Guide
The Belgian Tervuren - Patty Mundine's article applies equally well to all the varieties
Why a Belgian Sheepdog? Maria Magnusson's look at the pro's and con's of Belgian ownership
About Belgian Sheepdogs
- Lorra Miller's article on Belgian character, grooming, and health
Working With Your Belgian Shepherd
- an insightful look at Belgian Shepherd character
Living with your Belgian Shepherd Dog
- by the BSD Association of Great Britain
Belgian Shepherd Profile - for prospective owners. Courtesy Lumineux Belgians, Australia
Ulv, The Belgian Groenendael - not exactly an article, but this grouse-retrieving, deer-tracking, boar-herding BSD gives a nice perspective on the "total Belgian"; from Norway
Malinois FAQ
- from the ABMC website
Tervuren FAQ - from the ABTC website
Ten Golden Rules for Training Tervs

Belgian Shepherd Merchandise and Collectibles
Merchandise from the sites below is available in Belgian Sheepdog, Tervuren, and Malinois unless otherwise noted. If you know of other sites that should be here, let me know.

Artwork and Sculpture
River Wolf Canine Art Gallery
- fine artwork, prints, notecards
Argente Fine Arts
- sculpture, painting, graphic design
Fabienne Folk Art - beautiful Belgian Shepherd folk art paintings on wood
Con Brio - needlework graphs, chiengora (dog hair) spinning, and pen and ink prints
S.T. White Photo Art - Suzanne White's Tervuren photography
Argostar Dog Art Canine Fine Arts - fine-art prints, books
Belgian Stained Glass
- Kathleen LaDue's glasswork
Bronze Head Study - Cold cast bronze Belgian head study
Lekven design - handcrafted Danish porcelain plates; Tervuren and Malinois available
Kingsheart Forge - Sheepdog and Tervuren garden sculptures and wall hangings

Kei Mar Stamps - search by breed or country
Stamps of the Belgian Shepherd Belgian Stamps From around The World

Crossing Signs - large selection of crossing signs, fence signs, etc; custom signs also available
- dog crossing signs

Miscellaneous Collectibles
BSCA Store - variety of Belgian Sheepdog items

Belgique Boutique
- "the One Stop Shop For The Complete Belgian Shepherd"

MagnaDogZ - magnetic silhouettes for your vehicle - in Belgians and other breeds
BelgShop 4.0 - clothing and collectibles in each BSD variety, plus all 4 together
The Gift Shop at Rolin Ridge
- Belgian Sheepdog shirts, mugs, mousepads, more
Beauty of the Beasts - sterling silver breed jewelry
Four Season BSD Club
- 4-variety tapestry design on notecards, pillows, totes, more
Raritan Belgian Sheepdog Club - BSD-theme sweatshirts, tees. Includes the Versatile Belgian Sheepdog design!
Patswork Designs Custom Embroidery - BSD and other breeds in performance dog designs
Breed Fabric
- has a Terv and Sheep design
Bonnie's Shop - BSD-theme woolens and linens
Puttin' On The Dog
- premade and custom collectibles and gifts
The Little Dog Laughed
- collectibles and gifts
Animal Krackers
- clothing, windsocks, banners, statues, notecards, more
Golden Wonders
- jewelry - clothing, jewelry

Mailing Lists, Message Boards
These are a great way to learn about the breed before you decide to bring home a Belgian Shepherd, as well as being virtual "support groups" for the owner, new or experienced!

Belg-L - THE Belgian Shepherd email list. All varieties, global membership. High volume.
Tervuren-L - a Hoflin list Working Belgians - for the sport and working enthusiast
Belgian Shepherd Training - discussion group devoted to the training of the Belgian Shepherd in all manner of sports
Sit-Stay Discussion Forums
- if you prefer to avoid a crowded inbox


Index sites - multi-activity

Working Dog Web - conditioning and training
Dr. P's Dog Training - competition obedience, clicker training, learning theory
The Dogpatch
- large index site with links to all kinds of canine activities - links to all aspects of training, work, health, and conditioning
Dog Play - "Having Fun With your Dog"

Clicker and Operant Conditioning
Clicker Training, Operant and Classical Conditioning - understanding positive reinforcement
Shaping For The Show Ring
- Karen Pryor's 4 part article
Behavior and Training
- Very nice positive reinforcement page from Down Under
Find a Clicker Trainer - geographical index
ClickTrain Keepers - from Shirley Chong's webpage

Behavior and Training Articles
Incorporating Working Temperament Into A Breeding Program - Denise Fenzi's essays
Operant Conditioning and The Malinois - by Jona Decker
- monthly articles

Eye Contact in Five Seconds

Natural Rearing

General Natural Health Pages
Natural Rearing Homepage - Marina Zacharias - articles, products
AltVet Homepage - good source for all things alternative that pertain to animals
Wellpet Homepages

Natural Health Articles
What's Really in Pet Food
Polluted Pet Food

Modern Hygiene's Dirty Tricks
- fascinating article on one of our modern obsessions

Index Sites
Shirley's Wellness Cafe - natural feeding, homeopathy, vaccine controversy, you name it
BARF - lots of information and sources on the Bones And Raw Foods diet


Sample Diets

Home-Prepared Diet - from Serack Belgians
Clearview Rottweiler diet

Feeding the Adult Dog

Feeding Your New Puppy

The BARF Pictorial

Belgian Shepherd Homepages
The pages below are in the USA or Canada, unless otherwise noted. For international links organized by country, visit the Belgian Shepherd Links page. Also DeBelisi has extensive worldwide links.

Belgian Shepherd Links - extensive links to Belgian Shepherd sites worldwide
- lots of info on Belgians; home of the Famous Photo Gallery
Blackwater Farms Tervuren and Groenendael
Sky High Belgian Shepherds

Wandrlyn Belgian Shepherds
- Groenendael, Malinois, and Laekenois

Kennel Black Master - Finland
Maximum Belgians - Tervuren and Groenedael
Basquelaine - Tervuren and Groenedael
Cadre Noir
- Tervuren and Groenedael

Savanna Belgians
- Tervuren and Groenendael
Vom Wilzenberg Belgian Shepherds
- Tervuren and Groenendael

Megaspirit Belgian Sheepdogs - Ch, Schutzhund Belgians
Kuymal Belgian Sheepdogs - WTCH HTCH CH Belgian Sheepdogs. Articles, photos, history
Beartooth Belgians
Epix Belgian Sheepdogs
Black Ice Belgian Sheepdogs

Serack Belgians
Chien Noir Belgian Sheepdogs
Spitfire Belgian Sheepdogs
Goldstone Belgian Sheepdogs 
Bonntyme Belgian Sheepdogs  
Hillside Belgians 
Fuzzy Badge Belgian Sheepdogs

Allure Belgian Sheepdogs 
Reverie Belgian Sheepdogs
Realta Belgian Sheepdogs

Blackstar Belgian Sheepdogs
Ka Pono Mana Belgians  
Avatar Belgian Sheepdogs
Amethyst Belgian Sheepdogs

Claire de Lune Belgian Sheepdogs

Manyrivers Belgian Sheepdogs
Wandrlyn Belgian Shepherds
Quantum Belgian Sheepdogs
Weskeys Belgian Sheepdogs

de la Pagailles Groenendael
Starfield Belgian Sheepdogs 
Isengard Belgian Sheepdogs
Nightwind Belgian Sheepdogs
Verseau Belgian Sheepdogs
Deep Run Belgian Sheepdogs

Belgians du Soleil

Kennel Markazits Groenendael
- Sweden. Nice breed information, training, activities.
Ebonaire Belgian Sheepdogs

Le Pré du Vieux Pont Groenendael - Belgium
Wildwind Belgian Sheepdogs
Attra Dea Belgian Sheepdogs
Toshalie Belgian Sheepdogs

Black Gold Belgian Sheepdogs

Sumerwynd Belgian Sheepdogs

Sarron Belgian Sheepdogs

Rolin Ridge Belgian Sheepdogs

Chancery Belgian Sheepdogs

Beauvoir Belgian Sheepdogs
Lightning Belgian Sheepdogs

Images Belgian Sheepdogs
Mi-Kel's Belgian Sheepdogs

Phoenix Belgian Sheepdogs

N'est-ce pas Belgian Sheepdogs

Johnsondale Belgian Sheepdogs

Tervfect Belgian Shepherds


Tervuren Information Page - courtesy of Liz Marr
DeBelisi Tervuren
- Finland

Sprite Tervuren -
Fanfare Tervuren - Working Tervuren  
Beartooth Belgians
Windamyr Tervuren
Tacara Belgian Tervuren 
MonAmi Tervuren
Spiritus Belgian Shepherds 
Trevi's Page
Chimeric Tervuren

Winjammer Tervuren

Spiritbrook Tervuren
DK Belgian Tervuren - Patty Mundine's site  
Sanroyale Tervuren
Cachet Noir Tervuren
Landmark Tervuren

Ravenmasque Tervuren
Blackcombe Belgian Tervuren 
Probity Belgian Tervuren
Klaar Tervuren

Darboshea Tervuren

Big Mountain Tervuren
Con Brio

Showcase Tervuren
Blackfyre Belgians
Belle Bete Tervuren
Heartstrings Tervuren

Tervfect Belgian Shepherds
NY Terv
Winter Glen Tervuren
Chienbrun Tervuren

Carousel Belgian Malinois
Malinut Homepage

Von Christel Malinois

Dantero Malinois

Du Ciel Rouge

Broadcreek Malinois
Aeolian Malinois

Sterling Malinois

American Belgian Laekenois Association

Grand Coeur Belgian Laekenois

Humlans Laekenois


EPIX Belgian Sheepdogs
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