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greggluk1.jpg (53840 bytes)Gregg A Smith, PhD

Gregg is a born and raised Cornhusker - that is, a Nebraskan.
Gregg did his undergraduate studies at Coe College in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He received his MA in English at the
University of Louisville in Kentucky, and his PhD in Comparative
Literature at the University of Washington in Seattle. His
dissertation addressed the role of the dead in medieval Celtic and
Norse literature. Gregg currently teaches college literature and writing in southwest Oregon. When he's not biting his nails over a Cornhusker football game, he spends his  free time fishing (flyfishing - thank you), hiking, and writing. He also has a great frisbee arm, and exercises it daily with our Belgians Ceth and Asa.

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Julie A Cantrell

Julie was born and raised south of the Mason-Dixon line in Louisville, Kentucky. That's "Loo-uh-vul". She has suffered from a not-so-rare disorder popularly called "dog crazy". Julie began her undergraduate studies in zoology at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. juliedogs.jpg (58231 bytes)When her future husband accepted his doctoral candidacy at the University of Washington, she decided this was a good time to see the country. In Washington she finished her Bachelor of Science in Zoology, then became a professional dog trainer/behaviorist. In 1993, after 7 years of training dogs, she exercised another interest, and devoted several years to an entrepreneurial venture supplying homemade fresh pet foods to private parties, pet supply stores and health food stores. Julie is now happily back teaching dogs and their owners as a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant; she owns and operates Canine Behavior Services in southwest Oregon, and has a line of flower essence formulas - Aldaron Animal Essences - designed to help improve dog behavior issues. Julie and Gregg have several Belgian Sheepdogs and 2 housecats, Finn and Connor, who help keep the dogs in line.


Gregg and Julie share a great love of the outdoors, are passionate Sci-Fi fans, love good food - the more exotic the better - and also have a special interest in Medieval and Renaissance music.




EPIX Belgian Sheepdogs
Julie Cantrell
Southwest Oregon, USA
Member in Good Standing:
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

Canine Behavior Services

Canine Behavior Services
Dog Training and Behavior Consulting

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Aldaron Animal Essences - Flower Essence Formulas for Dogs

Aldaron Animal Essences
Flower Essence Formulas for Dogs