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Born April 7th, 2009: Two puppies, one male, one female. Both pups will be staying here at Epix. For pictures from their first 2+ months, click here.



Dam: "Asa"

Epix Arys Fides Kuymal RA
OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal
Eyes: ACVO clear/normal September 2008
Thyroid Normal, January 2009
DOB: November 14, 2001

Asa's sire: CH, HCH (Dual Champion - breed and herding), WTCH Uvar Eresha Kuymal HSs, STDsdc, HSAs, HRD1s, HTD1s, HXAdsc, HXBd
Asa's dam: CH Sidra Epix HSAs, HXAd, HTDIIs, HRDIIs, ATDd, OTDs



Sire: "Pede"

CH Spitfire's Pedernales CD TT CGC HIC ROM
OFA: Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal
Eyes: CERF clear/normal
May 24, 1999

Pede's sire: Am/Can CH Folklor's Dillon Of Hillside
Pede's dam:
CH Spitfire's Krystal Pistol ("Krissy") CD, ROM


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Some details on the parents:

Our Asa is a very nice, balanced girl. She is a terrific companion, quite laid back when just hanging out, entertains herself, is interactive but not "needy". She's a wonderful, intense retriever, loves balls and frisbees (she has amazing mouth - eye coordination). When she is "working", whether at playing ball or frisbee, or doing obedience or agility, she is super turned-on with great intensity. She has great jumping style and focus. She has no issues with surfaces or things moving under her, or general sound sensitivities. This is a dog who adores working, loves to play, and is a very easy dog to have around. She does have strong herding instinct, not surprising as her sire is the top herding Belgian Sheepdog in the country. She, like her dad, has no fear of cattle or horses. She is a very "responsible" dog, and truly tries to be helpful. I think that's her greatest joy, being useful to me, and I love that about her. Asa is very easy to motivate for training, which makes her a pleasure to work with. She is toy motivated, food motivated, socially motivated, and just plain work motivated!

Asa is training in tracking (I hope to complete that title this year), obedience (she recently began showing in Rally, completing her Rally Novice title in November '06), and agility. She shows nice instinct and talent in an initial exposure to sheep. Besides continuing in obedience and tracking, we hope to pursue either agility trialing or herding this year.

Asa's health is very good. No history of seizuring in many generations on both the sire's and dam's side. Eye health is good for multiple generations, as are hips (all x-rayed have been Excellent or Good for hips, with elbows Normal). Structure is very sound, with effortless movement. Asa has great stamina, and excellent balance, control and "stop".

You can see more photos of Asa on her page, and Asa'a sire and dam just below.

Anita Meeks' Pede is not just a beautiful example of the breed, he is a fantastic companion dog, enthusiastic worker, and a multiple group placer. Pede has produced some extremely nice companion dogs who have shown themselves very capable in the performance venues, as well as the show ring. He has sired multiple champions and pointed offspring, and obedience titled offspring. Physically he is very sound, and he is known for producing well for lovely structure and movement, and stable, outgoing temperament. Pede has a clear health history, and comes from a family of healthy dogs.

You can see more photos of and information on Pede at the Spitfire Belgian Sheepdog web site.



The first Epix litter, spring 1999
Sire: Am/Can CH Serack's Northern Exposure
Dam: Moonlitt's Rising Reverie CGC


Am/Can CH Serack's Northern Exposure      "Hunter"
OFA Good, CERF clear, full dentition, scissors bite

Hunter1.jpg (54232 bytes)  Hunter2.jpg (43713 bytes)   Hunter3.jpg (50046 bytes)  Hunter4.jpg (42883 bytes)


CH Moonlitt's Rising Reverie CGC     "Arden"
OFA excellent, eyes certified (AVCO), scissors bite, full dentition

 ardbumper.jpg (36237 bytes)  ardgrass.jpg (35291 bytes)  ardmonroe.jpg (70438 bytes)  ardsitmonroe.jpg (52416 bytes)  

Hunter X Arden litter pedigree


Litter of eight pups born March 31st, 1999. This breeding was a combination of North American Belgian Sheepdog show and working lines. Hunter's pedigree goes back twenty-five percent to the old Siegestor working lines, Arden's slightly less. This breeding produced some very driven pups! At this time, 7 of the 8 pups appear to be natural retrievers. All show very sound structure and movement, are highly interactive, and love to learn, work, and play. See pictures of some of the pups.





Fall 2001
Sire: WTCH HTCH Uvar Eresha Kuymal ATDcsd, HRDIIIs, HTDIIIsd, HSAs
Dam: CH Sidra Epix HX HS(A)s  HTDIs, HRDIs, OTDsd



CH WTCH Uvar Eresha Kuymal ATDcsd, HRDIIIs, HTDIIIsd, HSAs  "Uvar"
OFA Good, CERF clear


uvar1_sm.jpg (11060 bytes)   uvar2_sm.jpg (13909 bytes)    uvar3_sm.jpg (12009 bytes)   uvarshow2_sm.jpg (9572 bytes)    uvarshow_sm.jpg (10481 bytes)



CH Sidra Epix HS(A)s  HTDIs, HRDIIs, OTDsd    "Sidra"
CERF clear, OFA Excellent


sidrashowa_sm.jpg (11263 bytes)  sidraducks_sm.jpg (11969 bytes)   sidrapups_sm.jpg (14737 bytes)   sidrapups2_sm.jpg (12821 bytes)



Uvar X Sidra litter pedigree


Not actually an Epix litter, but we were so proud of it we wanted to brag about it. Sidra, from our Hunter X Arden litter (see above), gave birth to 8 puppies on November 14th, 2001: six females and two males. Multi-herding titled CH Sidra Epix HX HS(A)s  HTDIs, HRDIs, OTDsd, "Sidra" was bred to breed-pointed, multi-herding titled WTCH HTCH Uvar Eresha Kuymal ATDcsd, HRDIIIs, HTDIIIsd, HSAs, "Uvar". These are lovely, sound young Belgians who are already showing the "stuff" for wonderful working/performance potential. Breeder: Peggy Richter, Kuymal Belgian Sheepdogs, Inyokern, California.




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